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Is the EU held accountable for economic performances? Assessing vote and popularity functions before and after membership

EU authority, politicization and EU issue voting

Democracy an empty signifier? A qualitative (re-) appraisal of citizen beliefs in democratic legitimacy in Western democracies

How individuals’ social characteristics impact the likelihood to waste a vote – Evidence from Great Britain, Germany and France

Policies with and without Politics: Committees and the Differentiated Politicization of Legislative Debates in the European Parliament

Causal Narrative Frames

The Role of Frames in Welfare Legitimacy

Welfare policies and citizens’ political engagement

Has the European Social Fund been effective in supporting young people?

Going beyond Work-First and Human Capital approaches to employability

The referentiel of employability policies

Fostering Resilience

Bringing citizens back in the analysis of policy change

Populist leadership and charismatic following

Populist leadership 2.0

“The “Medicinal Cannabis Question”

The Moral Economies of Self-interest

Does European economic integration

Understanding Symbolic Boundaries

Toward Defining the Causal Role of Consciousness

La transcription outillée en SHS

Europeanisation and the Youth Guarantee

Moral economies of Euroscepticism

Neoliberal Moral Frames and Asymmetrical Nationalist Legitimation

Turning Talk into ‘Rationales’

Comparing the politising effect

Neoliberalism and Democratic Disaffection in France and the UK

Framing Labour Policies

Rethinking Politicisation

The Moral Economy of Neoliberalism

Employment insecurity and sleep disturbance