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Framing Labour Policies

Workers’ Free Movement vs Citizens’ Opinion Immobility?


May, 2019


Damien Pennetreau



Causal Narrative Frames: A Discursive Tool to Justify Solution

This communication analyses whether European-lead policies and the media coverage about them influence on citizens’ relationship to politics. More precisely, it looks at citizens’ opinion about welfare policies. Since the first struggle lies in the debates to impose the narratives able to legitimise reforms, looking at citizens’ discourses about welfare policies is important. The focus here is on a peculiar policy: European workers’ free movement policy. However, media coverage about it might play a determinant role in orientating citizens’ assessment of the different policy options. This explains why media coverage is also analysed.

Reference : Pennetreau Damien (2019), Framing Labour Policies: Workers’ Free Movement vs Citizens Immobility?, paper presented at the EUSA International Biennial Conference, Denver, 9-11 May 2019

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