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Margherita Bussi

Assistant Professor

Since September 2020, Margherita Bussi is assistant professor (chargée de cours) in adult education at the University of Louvain. Previously she was postdoc fellow in the framework of the ERC Qualidem project at the same university. Before joining the University of Louvain, she was research fellow at the University of Brighton in the framework of the NEGOTIATE -Horizon2020 project and Marie Curie Fellow at the European Trade Union Institute. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Geneva and she is interested in the analysis of public policy, in particular employment, social and education and training policies, at the national and European level.

Mauro Ugo Caprioli

PhD candidate

Mauro Caprioli is currently working as a PhD-student. His research is concerned with how European citizens perceive, experience, and define their relationship with politics in the current age of neo-liberalism, globalisation, and populism. His main research interests are political sociology, qualitative methods and methodologies, citizens’ perceptions of politics, and right-wing populism.

Samuel Defacqz

Postdoctoral Fellow

Samuel Defacqz is an Assistant Professor of political science at Université Laval. He was a postdoctoral fellow for the ERC QUALIDEM grant. Previously, Samuel worked as a postdoc researcher for the TROPICO project (EU Horizon 2020 project on digital transformation and collaboration in public administrations). After his doctorate at UCLouvain (2018), he also worked as a postdoc at CNRS, Sciences Po Grenoble, France. His research topics include public policy, (digital) public administration, e-governance, interest groups and comparative politics.

Claire Dupuy

Principal collaborator

Claire Dupuy is Professor Comparative Politics at ISPOLE (UCLouvain).
She specializes in comparative public policy with a focus on state transformations and regionalization processes in Western Europe. She is also interested in policy feedbacks and the ways in which policy changes impact on citizens’ (dis)affection toward politics. Empirically, she conducts research on education and social policy in France, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Sofia Gazon

Research Assistant

Sofia Gazon was graduated in 2020 from UCLouvain as a political scientist with a specialization in democratic innovations and transformations. Her master thesis introduced her to qualitative research by observing youth political participation in Belgium and Sweden in regard to social public policies in both countries.Sofia was research assistant in the Qualidem project and helped with the analysis of qualitative data available.

Cal Le Gall

Postdoctoral Fellow

Since 2021, Cal Le Gall is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Vienna. Previously he was a postdoc fellow in the framework of the ERC Qualidem project. He earned his PhD in 2018 from the University of Salzburg and Sciences Po Grenoble. His research interests focus on the impact of economic globalization and European integration on voting behaviour and political attitudes.

Sandrine Levêque

Administrative support

Sandrine Levêque is the administrative support of the project. She works in part-time on two European projects at the UCL. The rest of the time, she is a yoga teacher. 

Damien Pennetreau

PhD candidate, FRESH – F.R.S. - FNRS

Damien Pennetreau receives a FRESH grant from the Fonds national de la recherche scientifique (FNRS) and is currently working as a PhD research fellow in the framework of the Qualidem project (ERC Starting Grant) at UCLouvain. He is interested in research in the fields of communication
sociology and political science. Combining these three strands (media studies, citizen opinion and discourse, and social policy), his doctoral research examines whether social policies influence citizens’ relationship to politics. More precisely, it investigates how citizens discursively formulate their opinions about social policies and whether they are influenced by media coverage.

Thibaut Rioufreyt


Thibaut Rioufreyt is Lecturer (Maître de conférences) at the laboratory Triangle at the University Lyon 2. He was a postdoctoral fellow for the ERC QUALIDEM Grant (2017-2018) and is currently associate researcher to the ERC QUALIDEM project. His research focuses on party socio-history and the social history of political ideas. In particular, he has worked on the reception of neoliberal ideas in European social democracy and left-wing intellectual journals. He is currently carrying out an inquiry on the ordinary relationship to neoliberalism.

Ferdinand Teuber

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ferdinand Teuber is a postdoctoral fellow for the ERC QUALIDEM grant and research coordinator at ISPOLE (UCLouvain). His research interests center around the behavior of political elites inside and outside representative institutions. In his doctoral research he has examined the legislative agenda-setting behavior of Belgian legislators with the help of quantitative content analysis methods. Ferdinand holds a PhD degree from UCLouvain.

Virginie Van Ingelgom

Principal investigator

Virginie Van Ingelgom is a Research Associate Professor F.R.S. – FNRS at ISPOLE (UCLouvain). Her research interests include the issue of legitimacy at both the national and the European levels, indifference and ambivalence in citizens’ attitudes towards the EU, policy feedbacks and methodological issues of using qualitative comparative analysis. Her previous work has been awarded with the Theseus Award for Promising Research on European Integration (2010), the Best Dissertation Prize in “Comparative Politics” of the French Political Science Association and Mattei Dogan Fondation (2011), and the Jean Blondel Ph.D. Prize by the European Consortium for Political Research (2012). 

Luis Vila-Henninger

Postdoctoral Fellow

Luis Antonio Vila-Henninger is a postdoctoral fellow at Aarhus University. He was previously a postdoctoral fellow for the ERC QUALIDEM grant (2017-2021).  His dissertation and subsequent research use semi-structured interviews with respondents about economic ballot measures to investigate voter reasoning and legitimation.  Luis’ research areas include economic sociology, political sociology, sociology of culture, criminology, and sociological theory.  Luis’ work has appeared in The Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, Sociology Compass, Sociological Perspectives, and The Sociological Quarterly.  Luis earned his PhD in sociology from the University of Arizona in August 2017.


Academic peers of outstanding international reputation in their fields have accepted to join Qualidem advisory board. The advisory board will meet twice (during year 2 and at the end of year 4). 

Sophie Duchesne

Research Professor, Sciences Po Bordeaux – CED, chair of Qualidem Advisory Board.

Sophie Duchesne is CNRS Research Professor of Political Sociology at the Centre Emile Durkheim at Sciences Po Bordeaux. She chairs the Qualidem Advisory Board. Her research focuses on democratic linkages, mainly on the French and English cases. She has extensively published on national and European identities in a comparative perspective. In her work, she articulates empirical analysis and political theory, with particular care given to the reflections on methods and data analysis. Sophie was the principal investigator of a research group on the reanalysis of qualitative data, in which Claire Dupuy and Virginie Van Ingelgom participated.

Reanalysis of qualitative data

Colin Hay

Professor, Sciences Po Paris, CEE

Colin Hay is Professor of Political Sciences (Professeur des Universités) at the Centre d’études européennes et politique comparée at Sciences Po Paris and Affiliate Professor of Political Analysis at the University of Sheffield. Colin´s research interests are diverse, ranging widely from the contemporary condition of political disaffection and disengagement, which characterises advanced liberal democracies, via the development of the state and the welfare state in the post-war period, the comparative political economy of neoliberalism to European integration and globalisation. He has been the co-recipient of several major research grants and the recipient of a number of awards and prizes including the Philip Abrams Memorial Prize (1997), BISA´s Review of International Studies Prize (2001), the UKPAC prize (2004), the WJM Mackenzie Prize (2008) and the Richard Rose Prize (2009).

University of Sheffield

Benoît Rihoux

Professor, UCLouvain, ISPOLE and Academic Convenor of the ECPR Methods School

Benoît Rihoux is Professor of Political Sciences at the Institut de sciences politiques Louvain-Europe (ISPOLE) at UCLouvain and Academic Convenor of the ECPR Methods School. He plays a leading role in the development and dissemination of innovative comparative methods, applicable to many fields and research disciplines. Benoît has taught comparative methods in numerous institutions across Europe, North America and Japan. Besides the co-ordination of the COMPASSS international network, he also steers broader initiatives around methodology, in particular as Academic Convenor of the ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques. He is involved in numerous research projects, often in an interdisciplinary way, around his own topics of specialization (political parties, social movements, organizational change) as well as around other themes that can be better comprehended through systematic comparison.

ECPR Methods School

Vincent Tiberj

Professor, Sciences Po Bordeaux, CED

Vincent Tiberj is Professor of Political Science (Professeur des Universités) and Dean of Research at the Centre Emile Durkheim at Sciences Po Bordeaux. From 2002 to 2015, he was FNSP research fellow at Sciences Po Paris, working first at CEVIPOF then with the Centre d’études européennes (CEE). Vincent is a specialist in electoral behaviour and political engagement in France, Europe, and the United States as well as Political Psychology. His research interests include “ordinary” citizens’ reasoning, the political sociology of social and ethnic inequalities, as well as xenophobic prejudices and value systems. He has recently published: Les citoyens qui viennent, Paris, PUF, 2017; (together with Olivier Filleule, Florence Haegel and Vamille Hamidi) Sociologie plurielle des comportement politiques, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 2017.

Sciences Po CEE