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Europeanisation and the Youth Guarantee

The case of France


Sep, 2019


Margherita Bussi and Paolo Graziano



Causal Narrative Frames: A Discursive Tool to Justify Solution

In 2013, the European Council approved the Youth Guarantee (YG) to counteract youth unemployment. Because of its specific features, the YG is useful for understanding whether the EU has triggered policy change in national youth unemployment policies. Contrary to most of the literature on similar topics, we focused in this study on the effect of this specific European measure rather than on broader EU strategies or policies. The study contributes to the literature by qualifying the degree of fit/misfit and suggesting a counterfactual analysis, using the case of France. We first situate the article within the broader Europeanisation debate and present our research design. The second section introduces the policy structure of the YG and investigates youth unemployment policy in France, prior to and after the European initiative. The third section discusses whether the French youth unemployment policy would have been developed in the same way without the YG. A final section concludes.

Reference : Bussi, M. and Graziano, P. (2019), Europeanisation and the Youth Guarantee: The case of France. International Journal of Social Welfare, 28: 394-403. doi:10.1111/ijsw.12400

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